NY: Ready for lower bills and cleaner energy?

How can we lower our energy bills and promote clean energy?

Fixed charges – also known as customer charges – are the flat monthly fees that you pay on your electricity bill, regardless of the amount of energy you actually use.  In New York, these fixed charges are much higher than average and they make energy unaffordable for many households. High fixed charges also make it harder for people to justify any investment in energy efficiency or solar, because no matter how much energy you save or produce yourself, you're still stuck with that fixed charge.

Why lower fixed charges?

The majority of residential customers would benefit from lowering the fixed portion of our electricity bills.
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What others are saying.

Over 50 organizations and over 130 elected officials have requested that energy regulators reduce fixed charges in New York.

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Eletricity rates are being set right now in New York. Click here to send a message to the energy regulators that you want lower fixed charges.

Ready to tell New York to lower your fixed charges?

Let's get these fixed charges lowered!

· It's good for your pocketbook

· It's good for the environment

· It's fair and progressive

Choose your utility company below to submit a comment telling New York regulators that you want lower bills and the opportunity to make energy efficiency and renewable energy work.  

To take action, choose your utility company below

National Grid

National Grid proposes to keep fixed charges at $17/month in New York, while their fixed charges are only $5.50 in Massachusetts.  

Central Hudson

Central Hudson has filed a rate proposal that would raise fixed charges from $24 to $25 per month. Think this is outrageous? 

Rest of New York

New York energy regulators are considering changing the fixed charges for the whole state. Utilities are fighting to keep them high. 

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